Kristin Thomas

Okay Fan art! I'm a fan of almost everything. (Joking...) Expect to see pieces of the Marvel Comic characters, as well as Final Fantasy, and any other crazy thing I can think of. Ta-ta fornow. Here is a list of some of my favorite artists/writers in elfwood. (Also a few friends who have so graciously presented my name on their pages. So I'm returning the favor:-) Leia Ann Getty Nicole 'Kitsune' Chartrand Alyssa Sloan Moonen A few pics to get me started. I've got some Final Fantasy and some from Carson Fire's Elf Life. It's a great comic..go read it!

Aria: Eclipse of the Light

The journey has begun. This Chapter, Im not so sure about. It seems to be lacking something. Im just not sure what. Maybe you guys can help me out. Comment *please*

Aria : Good-Life Gone

All right! New and improved upload! I like this one a lot more. It's fantasy instead of sci-fi. There's still much twaking to be done. Please comment and tell me what you think!

Aria: Magic

And so we learn about the Aria as the story unfolds itself once more.

Death (Poem)

I wrote this for a creative writing class. It was rather fun to write and I tried to make it read as if there wasn't muchtime for you but timeless for death himself. Not much else to say except...enjoy.

Aria: Lord McCloud's Manor

This could definitely weave into much more. It has a lot of potential. Let me hear your ideas!

Aria: Trails of Blood

Well, this is the longest chapter so far. I've been working double time on it to make it stand out. *note that I will go back and do that to the rest of my chapters as well. Lots of things are going on in this chapter. A few more eerie questions are about to appear.

Of Princes and English Barmaids

Quite different from what I've been writing. I needed something with a little more humor. Hope you like. Nilia is a character that I rp regularly and I hope you like her.

Aria: Chinook Forest

Amanda Maurice finds herself all alone with no place to go. She has no clue what she has landed herself into. Chinook forest is said to be hauted with earth spitirts who roam through the trees just before dawn. Lets see what spirits really lurk in there... (Sorry for the delay, this took a bit longer that I thought. Please comment.)

A Summoning

I thought of this off the top of my head on a creative writing list. I liked it so I decided to put it here on elfwood. I could expand this, but I need to know if it's interesting enough to be expanded. Some feedback would help.

Aria: Rise of Seclusion

Ok...the prologue...Revamped after months of being stored away on my computer....It's not perfect by any means but It is better...

Aria: Protector

Amanda has learned that it will be a while before she gets rid of Adian McCloud. She also gets a new nick-name. Sorry for taking so long. Please comment or e-mail as I answer to both.

Aria: The Truth Hurts

This is not quite in detail but I think it moves the story along. I've stopped calling Mauricie Amanda for obvious reasons. And for the fact that I never really liked the name. I didn't put too much detail in this chapter but the next one should be entertaining. Hope you like! It's very short...that will change soon.

Nilia (Poem)

This is a poem that I wrote. It's based on one of my characters and I was in some kind of hopeless romantic mood when I wrote it. I tried to make the sound of the poem seem like waves crashing on the shore....

Prism: Moving In

Hehe....Here we learn a little more of Sean Connor and what lurks in the darkness. Not a lot of action here but I promise that there will be plenty in the next chapter. Yay!

Prism: Dark Travel

Hmm....third chapter...not much else to say

Prism: Memories

More antics by my elven and fey charaters....A little humor here and there for your enjoyment...and not to mention a very sad tale.

Prism: Familiar Faces

I suppose you could say that this is a spin-off of the Aria story. The idea came to me not too long ago and it seemed to good to not write down. There are a couple of characters that you may recognise. Hint the name 'Familiar faces'