Kristi Morse

I got married on Dec. 17, 2005, and now my name is officially Kristi Marie Morse (maiden name was Abrahamson). I like art, anime, music, free hand sketching, swimming, horseback ridingĀ and reading. I also am in love with the Lord and am hoping that this sight inspires people to dream and be true to themselves and what they believe in.Thanks goes out to my friend Kristen Vincent for telling me about elfwood, and helping me with my pictures. Thanks for viewing my work, feel free to comment, and please don't steal my stuff! I like Yu Yu Hakashu, Inu Yasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Chrono Crusade, The Get Backers, Trigun, Hellsing, Ruroni Kenshin, bubblegum Crisis and much much more anime! I love watching tv, reading, and drawing. I also run a business from home. Favourite movies Most of the anime i listed above and much more. also like starwars, Highlander, Fresh Prince of Belair and Smallville Favourite books Karen Marie Moning's - Highlander series; Charle Umberger's - Scottish Crown series ; all of Elizebeth Kerner's books so far (Song in the Silence , etc); Tamera Pierce's - Songs of the Lioness and the immortals; Kristen Britien's- Green Rider series ; The Forgotten Realms series (with Drizzt Douerden); Christine Feehan'[s- Carpathian series ; C. L. Lewis's Chronicals of Narnia; Frank Paretti's- This Present Darkness and Persing the Darkness; and some of the Lord of the Rings (books can be drawn oujt) Favourite music Contemporary Christian, Country, Alternative Rock, Soft Rock, some oldies, Japanese (anime music) and some in other languages