Enveloping Darkness

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Kristina Knapp

This was inspired in part by the DragonLance series, particularly the discription of the goddess Tahkisis in the third book of the Dragons of Autumn Twighlight series. This particular goddess of darkness I created is not necessarily evil... though I'm quite sure she has it in her to do evil if she so desired. Rather, she embodies those things unknown, the mysteries (particularly the great mystery, death.), and temptation. She can see all the dark hidden things in each persons soul, all their unvoiced desires and urges. The mirrors at either side represent the dark reflections of peoples souls. She is part of fate, the part that twists and pulls in ways you would not have expected, and in all likelyhood would not have preferred. The world is inevitably and inexorably conected to her by thin, but strong and clinging spiderweb-like threads. She is chaotic and wild, yet ageless and timeless. She lives in a realm of inky blackness, where the ground is solid yet liquid and dark fog seems to haze and mar all vision. Her beauty itself is hauting and dark, drawing you in, to look upon her is to often cause madness. Her two eyes are a solid glassy black, no whites, no irises, just black icy depths with which to envelope you and draw you down. She has a third eye as well (check the detail pic to see...) viewing all, impartial, yet distorted. The painting of Jesus where he shows his heart also inspired this somewhat, except in her case, instead of heavenly light radiating from her heart, an all enveloping, enchroaching darkness seeps out. Unfortunately, I drew this so large that my scanner could not get the entire picture on its surface, so it had to be scanned in two parts. Hence its slightly misaligned... oh well... :p

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