Im a Si-Fi and Fantasy geek, although i love to play sports. I like reading, drawing, and playing videogames better. Im also a pretty good hunter, im an awesome shot with a rifle too. So as far as im considered im a Tech Redneck. Generally do too many things and over compasate, like right now im writing a book, drawing art, making computer backgrounds through photoshop, and i just wrote a report on Ireland's History on the 1920s, im a little worn out.Current Projects:-DrawingTank Commander, War Dragon next to a Jeep, Bruiskian Pillbox, Bruiskian Guardpost, Map of Katan, and a cool guy with an eyepatch.-WritingEditing Chapter 2 and 3 for my book "Blood Talks" (Check my writing profile) I like Hunting, Fishing, Reading, Videogames, ATVs, drawing, and writing Favourite movies LOTR, Jurassic Park, Star Wars Favourite books LOTR, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Eragon, The Wheel of Time, Meg, Dragonquest seris, and a hell of a lot others. Favourite music Rock, Country, Alternative Rock, Some Rap (Not the ones that send out negative crap), pretty much everything else as long as it's fast paced and NOT pop.