Jessi Pearson

I've been drawing for about three years now. My art is my life, and I'm constantly trying to improove. I draw basically to have fun, and to relax. Music is by biggest inspiration, especially instrumental like YANNI!!! Woo! I have an obsessive personality about certain things, and I can be a little pesimistic...all the time. I used to be goth but now I am a hick! M00t! Anyway, that just a little about me. *dances away into the sunset* Favorite Artists and Friends: Jessica Westover Jenny Gosk ~*Update*~ 11/11/03: Some new stuff to put up. I haven't really been hanging around here too much, but I figured I drop in and update so there would be some new stuff up! Hope you enjoy! If you want to check out a place the I update alot go Here 12/29/03: I hope everyone had a merry christmas! I few more updates. I had nothing better to do so I decided to post here. I don't get much traffic, I suppose my corner in the woods is a bit dim. Well anyway! Here is the stuff ya'll. Enjoy! 4/9/05: Well..yeah I dont really come here anymore, I should make more effort to update everywhere I put my art but since I started college I really dont make an effort to draw or any of that as much asi used to, if you want to see the stuff that I put up that doesn't go through the screening process so its up right away, go to the link listed above. For any of you that might come here (greatly doubted) thanks..this corner of the woods is basically swallowed by darkness. Hehe..