Corina Chirila

I use to draw and paint since I was almost 14.I've made my first drawings and paintings inspired by the poems of Mihai Eminescu.In october 2000 I read the poem Dorinta by Mihai Eminescu and the poem made me feel what the poet felt when he wrote it and I neded to express that feeling. I took some watercolors and tempera colors and I painted the image of the young girl the poet once loved in the forest the poet described in his poem. I paint all the things I dream of and cannot reach.My art is the way I express my deepest feelings and fantasies. I like Astronomy, alien life,life on mars,extraterrestrials,paranormal,mysteries,dreams,dinosaurs,greek mythology,fantasy art, painting,drawing,beauty Favourite movies Mission to Mars,Star trek,X files Favourite music tiesto,ferry corsten,lasgo,armin van buuren,sylver,dj andi,dj project,morandi