Kort Kramer

(Updated 04/08/04) All of Kort's former Zone47 sci-fi work is now part of this gallery. Kort is an Air Force brat who has loved fantasy and sci-fi since a young age. He was born in Virginia, USA and has moved with his family all over the world, including Germany, Japan, Hawaii, and other US states, and now lives in South Florida, with his lovely wife Lisa and their children. He took a lot of art classes in high school, majorin in fine arts drawing in college (minoring in art history) and later graphic design. Before his current job he worked in-house at Gallo Pewter as a fantasy artist. He is now Art Director for PDI Communications, Inc. He continues his growth as an artist and is working on a book cover design with his wife right now. Much of his work is now on the computer but his first love is drawing. Artists that ispire him are Larry Elmore, Michael Whelan, Brian Froud, ... actually, there are too many to name. The same goes for books, TV shows and movies. He is including work from his high school days to show his evolution as an artist. Included are sketches because he feels they can sometimes show more emotion and passion than a more finished piece. More of his recent work can be seen through his own website, always under construction. 8^]