Kortnee Bryant

Wow, I've been busy. I'm actually counting down to graduation. Watch for more updates to this page. I'll likely be taking down and replacing most of the work on this page.  

Faerie Tales

Just a quick little something I wrote while extremely bored in my Middle Ages class.


This is the end of the last task one of my characters had to go through to become a god. This is the bard from Who's... Going... First? after a lot of adventuring.

Honey's Journal

This is a journal entry from the bard in Tone Deaf. It reads like a mythology text and it's supposed to.

Nothing to Prove

This is kind of a futuristic mini-essay.

Who's Going First

The title of this story is a running joke at the RP table. It generally panics the players and makes us do stupid things. This is the first time it was used.


This is a poem about the statue created by Pygmalion... if you're not familiar with the story, PICK UP A BOOK!!!!

Meeting my Muse

Okay, after a lot of talk about what muses are and what they do, I came up with this. I couldn't sleep until I got it written. Now, you all get to share the sleep deprived fantasy. Enjoy! Oh, and watch out for the waffle.

Shattered Illusions

I was just talking to some of my peeps about the Hero Cycle (see Tone Deaf) and what kind of people it would be about. Davin in this story is supposed to sort of resemble Sinbad or Aladdin only without being Disneyfied and with some actually noble ideals. It's meant to be something of a prelude to a series of short stories I may or may not put up here being as they haven't been written yet.


A shortish poem that my husband says is creepy. What do you think?

mage fire

This is from the point of view of a mage in a novellette that I'm writing. She almost dies after this.

Soul Cat

About a mage who is creating her soul animal.


This is about hellhounds... what can I say? It's October and all of my professors are talking about doom and gloom.


This is a story about true love that becomes a little twisted. It has a happy ending though.

Starblade Chapter 1

This is the first part of the first chapter of the story I am writing about the mage. It's not done yet but criticism/comments are appreciated.

Tone Deaf

Have you ever noticed that bards are never really the Hero in any of the great sagas or stories? Well, some of the people who wrote the songs and things about the heroes came to unpleasant ends. I let myself take that road with this story and show the person really responsible for defeating the warlord.

Tone Deaf (revised)

Okay, I re-did the story I got Mod's choice for and here it is. Read and compare. Do the changes make the story better or worse? (Thank you Linda for all your help!)

The Loss of Magic

This is the story of the reason the goddess of magic took her 'blessing' away from the people of Ccchansy.

The Story of Creation

It is the story of the creation of a friend of mine's land.