Inga Kozuruba

Don't forget to look into my other gallery :) Last Update: 26th of September 2005 (Warhammer Artwork) I am 26 years old and study psychology in Eichstaett (that's in Bavaria, Germany). I do art for over 10 years now and have studied many comic books to improve my techniques ;). I'm sure one can see that my style is influenced by american comics. I've never been to an art school but I think I could study graphics after I've finished my current studies. What I do now is based on things I've learned from comic books and some literature. I'm still learning. That's life. My other hobbies are roleplaying games and writing. Concerning Changeling, there are some character artworks of the Moonstone City characters in my other Elfwood gallery. We finished the Chronicle 'A New Hope' on 27th of December with a stand against the old evils... I'm gonna miss these changelings... I also developed a RPG world by myself, the title has to be redone, should I ever want to publish it. So I'm working on it. You'll find some of the pictures for this world in my other Elfwood gallery. I'm also writing a novel in German, by now it is done and has only to pass though some lectures before I'll search for a publisher. It's very exciting as you can imagine. I've already got a title and some ideas for the layout should I do most of the publishing work by myself. I'm done with the sequel by now, and I think there will be a third, final part. The world is developing... Well... for more you can email me or search me on ICQ. Here are some links to friends: The Homepage of Stefan & Irmi Borgs (german) The Homepage of Solan