I´m 16 years old, wanna study fairytales and become a bookillustrator. Please comment, I highly appreciate it! Also I´m happy to take requests.  Thats enough ;) ---   I´m a member of as well.   --- Some gallerys of absolute amazing artists you might want to check out: Helena StÌpánová Adele Lorienne Sessler Ana Magalhaes Anke Katrin Eismann Jayde Hilliard Jenny Dolfen Katharina Kaudela Lindsay Archer Nicole Cadet Robin Butler Rochelle Green Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Lauren Whitney Stafford Melissa A Hitchcock Christy Babrick A. Kajsa Flinkfeldt Andrea "Gelicht" Wimmer Annah Hutchings Christoffer Grav Hope Hoover Janet J.E. Chui Laura J. Bayless Malcolm McClinton Sam "Zephyri" Hogg Sara Brodin Selina A French Shannon Poehlman Tang Sin Yun Tania "Axl_Happy_Goth" Ernst Xenia Eliassen Liiga Smilshkalne Cindy Magee Peter Xavier Price Luisa M. Kelle Sarah Crane Franziska Riedel Laura E.Dieh Marjolein Gulinski Paula Dudzik Maria Lombide Ezpeleta