Jason Crandall

Hello.. My name is Jason.. I have had this little page for 6 years now and haven't updated it with anything new since then... well today I'm going to start to upload some new work.. as I have been promising for years now.... thank you very much for the patience I have come along way in art since. I last posted anything up back in 99. so I figured it was high time for an update... so here ya go.. again thank you everyone whos commented on my work... I appreciate all the the critisism, as it has only made me better. Well enough of my rambling I'm going to get to posting now :). My angel finally saw this page and wants me to update it more often hehe.. so I have to listen.. all new work is comming in.. stuff I never released. Because I never had that nudge of a wonderful woman. Telling me I needed to update more often haha... But here you go.. New pics asap.