Elizabeth Kretzschmar

I figured to ditch the bio I hade planned out, I hate writing ‘em. You people should know me by now, and if not, just look at my replies to comments. I’m one of those perpetually hyper people. Shout anything in my general direction and I’ll answer. Send me an e-mail or instant message. I don’t bite. Well, I do, but I love talking to people. Now, go read. Go leave comments. Critiques. Meaningless rantings. Your life story. 'U suk'. Anything and everything is welcome.September 8, 2004 Don't bother with scanning the titles for the one that might be new. Thats right. Again. Nothing new. I just figured I should atleast update the 'I am alive.. really' thing atleast twice a year. Look for new stuff after Marching season. Then maybe I will have time enough to care to type stuff up. *hangs her head in shame* Sorry to everybody whom I normally read and leave long rambly comments to. I have been slacking horribly. Love you guys, Ciao.

Price of Freedom III

'bout time! I've had half of this done for a -long- time... just barely got around to the last little bit. Short I know, sorry. Ah, well... yes Locke is the same guy as in 'A Man's Sorrow' and 'Location, Location, Location' But in this story those other two didn't happen.. *nods* I haven't edited this one as much as I like to have before I post it so try to be kind on that. Now! Go read, Enjoy! ^.^ Oh! And tell me what your first impression of the new characters, perhaps? Be appreciated.

Trial of Fire

About my pyro character Akira Saelih ^.^ Not much to say about it...I might add more to it...then again, I sorta like it with just this part

Rift of Existence: Unexpected Beginnings

The first in the 'Rift of Existence' timeline so far. Way before the rest of the story, but still important.

Brutal Truth

Hrm, I had thought of this idea while listening to a song.. (I forget the name..) and it didn't exactly turn out as good as I had hoped but my friends liked it so I'm posting it. ^.^ Thanks Whitney! She gave me the title for it :)

Awakened to darkness

Sorry, tis short. I omitted the last few paragraphs of this because it made it...personal..Anyways...this started out to be the ranting of my character Lakara after she had her eyes burned out...but...it changed as it went along....ponder this after you read it....Figurative or literal?

Location, Location, Location

*laughs* This one written just for pure fun... I was up at 2 in the morning... already had over 3 Dr Peppers and various sugar products. My friend Sean (The pale blue cat called Locke that shows up in a lot of stories) was bugging me to write more Price of Freedom... and I frankly didn't want to at the moment. Thus, I wrote this... and laughed all the way through it. Perhaps it was my sugar high... probably =D If you don't get it, reread the last line *shrugs* I had a few who didn't... Oh did I mention this was written just for me... so if you don't like it you won't hurt my feelings *blah* =D

Distorted Solace

One of my amazingly short stories. Aye, the two paragraph stories are some of the most fun to write =D I wrote this in Mrs. Bailey's class with my CD player blaring, school is the best place to write *grins* Katie gave me the title. Much thankies ^.^


Ok, Ya' I know.. the character is over dramatic and just in the general 'over the top' and in other words unbelievable. But, this is because this is only 1/3 of what the story was originally suppose to be and with the rest you see her a little better. (This story is an unsual attitude for Chantal) Believe it or not.. this was a happy story too! But my creativity refused to write down the rest of the story. Ah well. Originally made because I had the urge to describe things and I didn't want to over detail one of my old stories. Oh! I chopped up my paragraphs some. Is it any better? *sigh* Yes.. this is my paragraphs shortened. Sad. I've talked enough. Read! ^.^ Updated: Got rid of that annoying sentence! Thanks for pointing it out =D *grins*

Rift of Existence: Mercy’s Consequences

Another RoE piece. Happens after 'Unexpected Beginnings' yet way before the story in the works. Just a very important part of her life.

Problem Solved

Somedays I like this story and somedays I don't. And critiques (as always ^.^) would be much appreciated. Wrote this during English class and my teacher's lecture... I think it played a key part in breaking my Writer's Block so.. lectures earned their first good point on my scale. Now go! Read! *grins*

Small Pardon

Written after I finished up one of my semester exams. ^.^ Feeling guilty about not posting lately so I typed it up and... voilaaaa. Still scrounging for a better name, this one is just temp.


*laughs* I was really bored when I wrote this..it just started with describing the inn... then my imagination took it from there. Poor Girl.


This story has been lost, buried, and forgotton on my compter for quite some time now. *pat-pats it* Obviously, a beginning. I have some more clips of Cohn buried somewhere. I'll see if I can find them >.<


Just a short little thing I wrote trying to break my writer's block. Yes, this is a forced piece of writing. A friend suggested I just force myself to write and see what churned up. Tadaaa. Not that it broke my block though. Its still in the rough stage with grammer.. sorry. One of my odd lil stories that I actually like. *sends her thanks to the one that inspired it* Title t'was given to me by my parents. Much thankies.

Price of Freedom II

Finally got around to writing this part! Yay. Tell me what ye' think... its just a rough draft so please forgive the spelling and grammer mistakes. I almost combined part III with this but I decided it was better to make it a different part.


This is probably my favorite story of mine so far...I've started writing the parts before this but I decided I'd go ahead and post this piece now. They're furres =P most of my stories have furres so I'd get used to it I were you. Comments would be -greatly- welcomed. ^_^


*hrms* I didn't plan on posting this...but...Whit told me to and I obviously did ^.^ I've actually had these characters in my head ever since the beginning of the 2000 school year and I did a presentation on MPD. I just got around to writing about them well...this week. *winces* I adore these characters but I really don't like this story about them much. Oh well...READ *Enjoy*

Seasonal Harvest

Originally a Prologue... ah well. I'm not sure how long I'll leave this one up. Rather old.

Shifting Planes

An odd little piece, if you ask me. Gave me a headache putting the paragraphs in order and such. This is a clip of Xylia and her first glimpse of Zeke. (Atleast... at the moment... the storyline is always changing) This is a -very- important happening and by me clipping the scenes in front and after that.. I destroyed that realization and full impact. But those scenes didn't work without the -whole- story (Which happens before my in progress 'Shadows' and I have no plan of writting it) *shrugs* Ah Well. Go Read and leave comments. ^.^ I'm dying to know impressions.

Price of Freedom

The beginning of Lelah and Sheridan's story...it needs -alot- of improvement so feel free to use critisism. The story 'Lelah' actually happens much much later but it was the first one I wrote and I haven't written the parts inbetween them yet so bare with me