Krissy Everett

Sophomore in college (technically); too bad i'm stuck at a junior college for now. Hoping to go to a 4 year college soon, and hopefully Savannah College of Art and Design down in Georgia. Either there or Rhode Island School of Design (I was accepted to both last year but couldn't afford to go...). Anywho, I will say this though, it feels nice to have some leisure in what classes I take and how I am able to handle them. I have enjoyed the art classes I've taken, they were pretty easy, laid-back.  Work and even just my light school schedule makes it hard to do all of my personal art, so I have a lot that's simply on hold right now. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon, but we'll see how everything works out.I'm still producing and starting pieces occasionally, but I don't feel as if I am growing any. So I'll say it here, don't expect anything totally great from me for a while, not till I'm really really settled into my current schedule, specially since things at work take up a whole lot of my time...There is a gallery that I update more frequently with all of my artworks I feel are somewhat worthy of note (i.e. all the fantasy stuff and the regular reality things as well). deviantART: RavenWings. Hope you enjoy if you decide to go take a look. Drop me a note/e-mail/IM/somethingorother if you wanna talk, do an art trade, or commission something (I need money for college! *winkwink*). Toodles for now (done ranting I think...). Thank you all of have commented and/or visited recently! it is much appreciated, and sorry I can't get back to everyone! =)