Kristen Bays

Howdy, My name is Kristen Bays; I'm a college junior in the great state of Texas. God I sound like a hick there don’t I? Anywho, I am a self-proclaimed and often verified geek (Nicknamed 'The Geek Queen'). I didn’t start drawing until my Junior year of High School when I taught myself. T’was not a pretty process but I think it's turned out nicely. I am inspired by a great many things. Often times I'll just be sitting somewhere and someone will say something random (IE 'shoe') and I'll get an idea for a picture. Many times, I do fanart for such things as Gundam Wing or Harry Potter. In addition, music that I sing in choir or hear like John Williams or Danny Elfman style classical inspires me a great deal. My goals in life are to be a history teacher or a museum curator and make history fun for students of all ages! (There is enough corn in that line to feed an army!) Ok I will let you go...oh and If you read this much of my bio, consider yourself now in possession of 20 brownie points!