Kristin Crawford

Another year begins. Good old 2002, same forwards as well as backwards. I'm continuing my writing classes this semester, so I hope to be adding things more frequently. I've begun my 'big' project, so I'll be working on that most. Of course, the occasional poem and random blurbey thing will appear as well. More than anything else, I wish for comments. I don't care if you hate my writing with a passion, TELL ME!!!! I'd offer rewards . . . . but I'm a starving student! If nothing else, I hope you find something of interest in my little hovel. Smiles!


I was in a weird mood one day, as I am pretty much every day! This was originally going to be a really impressive flashback story, but I kind of like it the way it is. Anyone agree?


I realize this isn't finished. But I'm happy with what's there so far, and I'm looking for sugestions on the angels' wedding ceremony. So if anyone has ideas, feel free to comment!

Yellow Roses

I wrote this while I was bored in English one day. I think it's a happy ending, but not many people agree with me!

Chapter 3

Hokay, in this chapter I'm introducing the second POV character, Doubt. he and Faida are it, so don't worry about finding any new voices. If it's too confusing, let me know. But I won't keep it soley from Faida's eyes, so don't bother suggesting it!

For men must

Night has always been my haven. I wrote the first paragraph of this with magnetic poetry on a big wall of this great toy store. The rest came in response to the poem 'I Icarus'.

What if?

Basically, I'm trying to get rid of this horrible weight on my chest. D'ya think any of this would work?

Chapter 2

It continues.....

New Year

So I had an extremely uneventful New Year, and found myself staring at some blank paper around midnight. This sort of evolved. Not sure if it'll ever connect to anything else. PLEASE comment!


Anyone who has spent more than 28 days in my presence will know that I have a serious obsession with the moon. This was my attempt to explain it, not sure how it went!

Chapter 5

So the burning scene is here, along with Doubt catching a few soldiers before hand. Once again, this is an attempt to better explain things. here's hoping!

Once upon a time . . . .

The world really should be a story.

Have you ever?

Basically, I was sitting in the caf on spare one day last year, and I just let my mind go where it wanted to. There are some pretty screwed up wonderings in there sometimes!

Will you remember me?

In a conversation with one of my neightbours in residence, he said that life is meaningless if you aren't remembered worldwide for a huge accomplishment. This, of course, got me thinking.

A Myth

Okay, so in English 10 AP we were given this assignment to write a myth for the next days class (by a substitute teacher, I must point out). Somewhat panicked I wrote this, then found out that we didn't actually have to write one! Whatever, I'm still kind of proud of it!


My first assignment for writing class. Write a monolague from the voice of your main character. Meet Faida.


a random poem, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Can You Read Me?

Well, okay. Here's my first post EVER! I was sitting with a couple of my friends, and this guy we know who can 'read' people. The words kinda just popped into my head, as usual. So, yeah. Not really fantasy I guess, technically, but kind of!


An assignment for one of my writing courses. I had to describe where my main character lives. Kid of dark and depressing, I know. But that's where she is right now!


Okay, so it's another ending/beginning of a flashback type dealy. But I like it this way. If anyone can think of a better title, feel free!

Because Every Life Deserves a Future

My friend told me that all the stuff I wrote was too sad, so while she was off at a class I wrote her this story to prove I can write happy stuff. It's not really that fantasy-ish either, but I'm kind of proud of it!


Sometimes, even writing isn't enough.


All I can say about this one is: 'no I'm NOT suicidal'

Chapter 1

You know all those little things that say 'from my writing class' on them? Well, this is what they all relate to. My big project of the moment. Yes, only three chapters now, but I'm working on it! I'm testing out having no glossary, but if you're getting incredibly confused then comment on it and I'll put a glossary up. Enjoy!

Chapter 4

Hokay, so the original 'chapter 4' has been split in two, with the first half of it here, and the burning scene moved to chapter 5. Hopefully it explains things a bit better.


Assignment for writing class. One of Faida (the main character)'s dreams. Along the same lines as the monolague, but I'm pretty happy with it. As always, PLEASE comment! Oh, also. Roe and Faida are the same person. Roe's just her Child's Name. If I ever get around to writing the actual story, it'll make a lot more sense!