Kristina Bowen

I am updating the poorly-written bio. Yay! That's me to the left. I am the unusual anthro kitty with the meat cleaver. Oh, why's my tail sewed back together, you ask (If you even wonder at all! O_o)? Well, I chopped it off. By accident! And had to sew it back together.... Obviously I did a poor job. *Shrug.* Anyhoo, I've taken up enough wasted space! Info: Name: Kristina (It's up there, -n- you can call me Kittie if you want) Age: Pfft, I'm old enough! (Standard response from a 14-year-old... o_o) Species: They're not too sure.... But I'll letcha know. Occupation: My therapist says I'm not supposed to have a job... so I'm a student. Likes: Food, liquid sustenance, cars, pencils, music, YOU, my mother, my father, furry people, my cat, my friends, black-colored things, my glasses, and crashing/breaking/smashing/burning/destroying things. Dislikes: Sunlight, children's television (Except for the stuff on the WB), cleaning, monkeys, reading boring stuff, YOU, and anything good in this world.