Hey! Don't forget to visit my friends  Chris  and Nathaniel as well!Alright here's the deal! I love getting comments and your oppinion good or bad is always welcome.  I don't particularly like flamers so please if your going to write something negative try and keep it tastefull. I also dislike peole who flame flamers! In my oppinion if I don't particularly care that someone flamed me why should you? (So basically if someone flames me it's my problem not yours) Anyway all  that being said I do eventually replay to posts etc. (may take a long time) also I recive my comments in e-mails and read everyone of them. There very much appreciated. I don't mind people who chit chat on the posts. If you wrote more than one post on a picture I may only reply to one of them. Oh and if you wish to contact me I'm Keeper of Darkness on ET and demonic_princess4 on gaia. Also my contact info is over there > for e-mail. (if you send me an e-mail make the subject art or elfwood or something or else it might not get read)