Kristen Dullemond

Hey!!! Look I made my own Fan Art Gallery here on elfwood!! So I supose you'll want to know witch shows I like hmm... well let see I'm an anime freak so I like Rurouni Kenshin (both of em), D•N•Angel, Tokyo Mew Mew, Fruits Basket, Gundam Wing, Excel Saga, Vision of Escaflowne, Witch Hunter Robin, .//hack (both), Inuyasha, Naruto and Angelic Layer. My main source of Anime is downloading (Kazza) and I also have the Fruits Basket Manga (1-10), D.N.Angel Manga (1-8), Tokyo Mew Mew manga (1-3), and CardCaptor Sakura Manga (1+2), Crese Selestial Maiden (2), Rurouni Kenshin (1,2,6-8), .hack (all 3), Blade of Heaven (2), Canadate for Goddess (5), Culdcept (1), Phd Phantasy Degree (1-3), Chobits (1+2). Well that's all for now if you wish to know more just ask in the comment box ^_^. umm I also have a photography site on it's Here and a all computer colored gallery Here ANd of course my Sci-Fic gallery is over there>>>> Visit my friends As well: Chris Nathaniel E.P.B's will take over the world!! Be forwarned!!! Thier is no escaping us!!! *Muwahahahaha!!* If you really want to know about me go to my ET house, or message me.(be specific in your subject make it ART or Elfwood/Elftown or I will not read it) Hihi okay... umm this is a fan art gallery Updates- April, 27, 2004 Look I finally got a fan gallery!! umm yah so everything you see right now is an update.