Kirby Proctor

I am a child of the 60s, yes that old and I still believe in free love, which if you didnt know, has nothing to do with sex, and has no expextations, it's just freely given and  has a value beyond price, and cant be bought or stolen, and empoweres a person to support and lift up anyone, no matter the shape and size or weight, and usualy comes with a free hug :) I like Art obviously, also hiking, camping, I like girls, I like food, I like long walks in the woods, hunting rocks,chaseing lizzards, fairy hunting, and currently a new interest in steam punk Favourite movies Buckaroo Bonsai, Ice Pirates, Tank Girl, Jeramiah, Star Hunter, well anything sci-fi, not horror, lord of the rings, Chronicles of Narnia, any book I read as a child that became a movie, etc, etc Favourite books Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Asprin, Robert Jordan, man too many. Favourite music no such thing, I only dont like country music, never have, never will :)