Goblin Coats of Arms

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Emile Kroeger

The coats of arms for four goblin factions: The traditionalists are dismayed at the moral decay of today's goblins, and stick to the old ways that made the glory Goblin Race - mass sacrifices to the Elder Gods, insane chants in a forgotten tongue, plotting, back-stabbing and cackling madly. They like long dark and hooded robes, wrought iron decorations featuring grimacing deamons, anything with a lot of spikes, poison, etc. Most goblin viziers are traditionalists. The hobgoblins have very strange habits and are viewed with suspicion by their peers - some of them have even been known to occasionally wash. They like flashy clothes, and form the most well-equiped of goblin soldiers (though also the most incompetent). They excell at trade and diplomacy. The kobolds are simple folk, with simple tastes, such as bashing each other with crude maces. They also enjoy roast meat and beer, and many spend most of their time in a suit of armor. They are also excellend miners and stone-cutters, and their architecture is easily recognizable by it's use of heavy maconnery, crenelations and strong oak doors. The gnomes are inventors and tinkerers. They are not very numerous, but the use of their machines has spread to the other factions. Though msot gnomes are employed by a rich or powerful master, there are several well-hidden gnomish factory-strongholds - well hidden, that is, until Something Goes Terribly Wrong, as things often do. Gnomes will build wonderful devices and will keep on improving them until they explode or go on a killing spree.

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