Hello, all! I'm Krystal! I'm an astronomy grad student now...but in elementary school, I drew dinosaurs all the time (I'm sure my teachers got tired of my always coming up and showing them newly-finished pictures). Dinosaurs evolved into dragons, especially as I was introduced to fantasy books (Dragonlance and Anne McCaffrey). Throw sci-fi into the mix, and you get a Christian Trekkie who draws mostly dragons and tries to stay away from drawing people as much as possible because she's absolutely horrible at them. :-/ Typical media for me include micron pens, mechanical pencils, Prismacolor pencils and markers, and the rare oil painting.To all those who visit and/or leave comments, many thanks!! I greatly appreciate it! I have prints available at my private gallery!! Ellen Million Graphics also has products featuring some of my artwork for those interested.---Update Feb. 2009:  Did some spring cleaning and added a bunch of pictures!