Krystal Tyler

Hello, all! I'm Krystal! I'm currently a senior in college studying physics (tempus fugit). I live in a tiny town in Indiana surrounded by cornfields. In elementary school, I drew dinosaurs constantly (I'm sure my teachers got tired of my always coming up and showing them newly-finished pictures). Dinosaurs evolved into dragons, especially as I was introduced to fantasy books (Dragonlance and Anne McCaffrey). Throw sci-fi into the mix, and you get a Christian Trekkie who draws mostly dragons and tries to stay away from drawing people as much as possible because she's absolutely horrible at them. :-/ Typical media for me include micron pens, mechanical pencils, Prismacolor pencils and markers, and the rare oil painting. To all those who visit and/or leave comments, many thanks!! I appreciate it! And though it may take me a while, I do try to answer every comment I receive. I also save every comment for those pictures I delete. I have some prints available at my private gallery, and Ellen Million has graciously accepted some of my artwork as well, so check there for nifty stuff with my artwork on it! Since I don't have room to put all my favorite Elfwood artists here, I've included a page on my website that lists them all. Eventually, I plan on doing at least design sketches of all seven breeds of HP dragons and a montage of the four dragons of the First Task. Just don't expect to see many humans.