kir talmage barnes

We don't need a site update log, really. Enough of that. I doodle. I draw. I dream. I'll do it for pay when the opportunity arises. I hope you enjoy what you find and email me with comments, suggestions, techniques, tips, or ... hey... commisions. Or swing over to one of the Whimsical Dreams branches (at Zazzle, CafePress or deviantArt) Why not? Come again soon! Favourite movies FarScape, Journeyman, Fringe, old Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica Favourite books almost everything by Ursula LeGuin. Sheri Tepper for mind candy and wish fulfillment, Tolkein and Lewis for world building and myth, and Pratchett for satire and delight. Favourite music JS Bach, Gaelic Storm and Oojami. Not at the same time.