Welcome to my little spot in the woods. I love graphite and charcoal.  I love using it and seeing other works using it.  It is by far my favorite medium. As I draw, I tend to want to express an emotion or feeling.  A picture paints a thousand words.. so what is it I am trying to say?  You tell me.  And please do tell me.  I love hearing what others say about my works.. whether that is good or bad.  It is through correction that we improve and it is through praise that we... well, heck.. we all like praise, don't we?  So what do you think? Soon I will be updating my pictures on this site.  Be patient with me.  If you want to see some of my more recent work, please visit my elftown page at http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/wiki.html?name=Graffiti%20On%20The%20Wall . Have a wonderful day and God bless.