I don't claim to be crazy (well okay sometimes, but I don't really mean it!); in fact there are times when I feel like the only sane person around (though, it doesn't happen very often, and others would disagree anyway =P). Well, now you know that reassuring(?) point, I welcome you to my gallery! ^-^ These days I draw all sorts, but a lot of what I show here will be pictures for my friends, of their characters (and mine =P). This means I draw a lot of were/furrie/lycanthrope. I also draw random mythological creatures, and some humanoid stuff (sometimes - though most of these are hobbits and belong in the fanart gallery). All of my work is drawn by hand - or more accurately, by pencil - and usually coloured either by computer or coloured pencils. As you can probably see, I've adopted quite a cartoony style, which I'm trying to improve all the time. Constructive criticism is of course welcome, as I do aim to improve my work; however I'm too much of a wuss to actually change something in a picture I've done, unless it's in the rough sketch stage, so it will usually be used for future reference (very useful indeed this is!) Hmm what else... well, I live in England and I'll be 17 in May - the 23rd if you're interested; I'm in college, taking Art, Computer Science, Archaeology and Physics. My claim to fame? I'm the ONLY person in college who wears dungarees!! ^-^ So, yeah - feel free to have a look around my gallery, and of course comment to your heart's content! Thanks for stopping by! ~Kunzai ^-^