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Christina Stoppa

Well, here's my version of the Phantom for a contest, going on over at DeviantArt.  The point is to redesign a few costumes from The Phantom of the Opera.    I chose to redesign them as though they were Chinese opera costumes.  This one is my version of the Phantom's red death costume.  I purposely included more black than red.  With the cloak closed he'd look like his usual black form, but when it opens you get a sudden, jarring, bright flash of red.  Something that works with the character's jealous temper.  I also used a much darker colour pallet for the phantom as opposed to my Christine design which is kind of typical. Usually, this costume comes with a skull face mask, but I wanted to try my hand at creating a makeup design for him unmasked.  In chinese opera makeup is very important for a character like this.  It not only presents a stylized version of his disfigurement, but in the Chinese opera language of makeup it also endows him with supernatural powers.  Elabourate face makeup like this is typically worn by powerful spirits and ghosts.  I included a closeup of my makeup design.  Unfortunately, I think I succeeded more in making him look angry than disfigured.  I think if I reattempted it, I might be able to make it work better. I included the feathery peacock wings as an allusion to his title as the Angel of Music - also the Angel of Death. Lastly, I designed his headdress to have the long antennae like pheasant feathers on it.  Their movement can make the character look strangely hypnotic.

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