Ryuu-sama Kanzashi Set

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Christina Stoppa

WOO HOO! IT'S FINISHED! I've spent the last week or so suping up my oiran kanzashi and putting together this dragon themed kanzashi set. This is meant to be worn as part of my oiran ensemble for Anime North 2008 with my Ryuu-sama hikizuri: http://kurokami-kanzashi.deviantart.com/art/Ryuu-sama-83127991 The bridge piece is designed to look like a dragon's face while the two side pieces with tassels were meant to look like dragon paws clutching fireballs. Originally I had planned to make the dragon face look ferocious but as I worked on it, it got cuter and cuter and now it's far from ferocious. LOL! Anyways, this set has a total of 19 pieces in it all hand made by yours truly. There are two decorative ribbons, six hair forks, six hair sticks, two side pieces (the paws), two bridge pieces (the dragon's face, and the one with silver flutters on the back), and one more piece decorating the bottom of the mage. Every tsumami petal (aside from the white ones) are double layered. So there was more than 1000 square inches of fabric used in this set; for a total of 777 individual petals ranging in size from 1 - 3 inches square. Unfortunately I've still got to clean a lot of glue off the dragon's face. It was such a pain in the butt to put together, so things got a bit messy. Time to Completion: Unknown - Roughly 3 full days of work on the tsumami/ribbon pieces, and 2 full days on the sticks and forks - there was lots of beading and painting invovled. ^_^ Media: Tsumami pieces - polyester lining fabric, black mayfair paper, wire, gold string, styrofoam balls, curtain tassles and various beads. Hair sticks and forks - sharpened and trimmed wood chopsticks, die-cut wood snowflakes, gold paint, silk thread, and various beads. Decorative Ribbons - Synthetic brocade and thread. You can see the finished ensemble being worn: http://kurokami-kanzashi.deviantart.com/art/Ryuu-sama-Oiran-I-86847194 http://kurokami-kanzashi.deviantart.com/art/Ryuu-sama-Oiran-II-86847542 http://kurokami-kanzashi.deviantart.com/art/Ryuu-sama-Oiran-III-86847715 http://kurokami-kanzashi.deviantart.com/art/Kurokami-ID-2008-88358449

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