The Four Corners

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Christina Stoppa

This is a compass design of sorts. Each of the four directions/corners is ruled by one of the archangels. Here, I have drawn each direction of the compass with its respective archangel. In the North we have Gabriel: The Messenger. In the East, Michael: Prince of Angels. In the South is Uriel: Bringer of Faith. And finally in the West is Raphael: The Healer. The angels also hold in their hands a symbol of their roles. Gabriel being a messenger and one of the angels who will sound the trumpet at the end of days carries a horn. Michael being a warrior angel holds a sword. Also, he holds the scales of Justice in which he weighs the souls of the dead. Uriel is said to implant the falme of faith in a person's heart, so he holds a flame in his hand. And Raphael, the healing angel, holds a shield to defend people from injury and a book of medical knowledge. Along the boarder of this image I have included the four symbols of devine inspiration/the Evangelists: An eagle, an angel, a winged lion and a winged ox. This piece took approximately 35 hours to complete. Media: Technical pen and pencil crayon.

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