I am a 25 year old Canadian writer (& artist). I don't have as much spare time as I used to but when I do I take the time to pursue writing and other artistic pursuits. If there are any questions feel free to ask and criticism is always welcome so I can improve my writing. *looks around* MWAHAHAHAA! *puff of smoke and disappears*I haven't been to this part of my Elfwood corner in a long time *blows dust off books* Well then, I will see if I can manage to update it. Stay tuned for more chapters of The Legend of the Elves!

Legend Of The Elves - Chapter 1 - Mysteries of the Past

Prologue: In an age of old, one half elf-half angel went up against the source of evil itself. With no knowledge of what lay ahead, he walked for miles, braving the unknown, the obstacles and the pain. Enduring the loneliness, this Elf- Angel soon became the world's hope, living up to some expectations while dashing others. Though he became renowned, it might have been impossible without the aid of those he encountered on his journey. The Legend told by the elves had been a source of great encouragement and storytelling for generations amongst the peoples of Nervaïa, home to all kingdoms. Though it had not been passed on through the years in the world of men, it has yet to be revealed once more to those brave enough to reenter the past and relive the Legend that was once well known throughout the peoples of Nervaïa. The Legend of the now extinct race of Elves.