Hello everybody and welcome to my little place in the Woods! My Name is Kristina, I live in Germany and I paint and draw for my own fun (and for request, if you like)since my Grandpa tought me how to draw. There had been an update within my private life - I got married, and my name changed, so don't be confused, it's still me! :-) As a german, of course I am member of elfwood-d, the German elfwood community. Have a look at our page! Hobbies: Drawing, reading (mostly fantasy, history and manga), music (I am one of the so-called filkers), rpg, writing (see my website for my mostly german written stuff). My inspirations: fantasy comic-books and manga, roleplaying, fellow artists. A note on my art: I don't even TRY to draw photorealistic people, because even after hours and days and months of practise I'm stll not good at it. So I decided to stick to my comic-manga-like style. :) Now, have a look at my little gallery and please leave comments! Update: 'Asra I', 'Asra II', 'Nightfall I', 'Nightfall II', 'Cúwen', 'Najaro'. Art trades: I do Art trades, but maybe you'll have to wait a while for my part, for my time is short. Copyright: Please respect my copyright on all pictures shown here. If you'd like to use any of my pictures, please ask my permission first. Private use only! If you use my pictures, please show my name visibly near to them and link back to this elfwood page and please don't change them beside resizing. A last word: Dear Commentators, I really appreciate your opinion. CC is welcome, even if it's delivered anonymously. Flames only amuse me - and after I had my laugh, are deleted. I am now a member of the Comment Exchange on elftown. Members of the Comment Exchange promise to comment on the galleries of those that comment on their own. Comment Exchange Comment Exchange Members Friends in the woods and my favourite galleries: Gertrud 'Grinsekatze' Wenzel: A really talented newcomer to the woods with a wonderful little gallery that I hope will grow on and on forever! Christel Scheja: Beautiful character pictures and fantasy creatures, mostly gryphons and phoenices, fantastic costumes. Uta 'Freawyn' Hesse: Some more wonderful characters and creatures, mostly gryphons - and again fantastic costumes! Have a look at her fanart gallery also (elfquest fanart)! Kerstin 'Pisces' Eiben: Beautiful fantasy creatures and amazing pictures of Ashreel, her favourite character. Eva Schlehahn: A newcomer to the Woods and a good friend with whom I share hours and hours of fantastic roleplaying. Have a look at her art! Elke Meyerhoff: Another newcomer to the Woods and an old friend of mine, please visit her! BJ Malata: Wonderful LOTR-Art. Hope Hoover: Again wonderful LOTR-Art. Adele Lorienne Sessler: Anime style fantasy art. You really should visit here. This is fantasy art at its best! Jenny Dolfen: Fantastic watercolors and amazing characters - her drow are gorgeous! Don't forget to visit Jenny's fanart gallery (Harry Potter fanart)! Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Fantastic art - just visit and stare in awe!