Planescape - Kamal Amakiin

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Jen OCarroll

Tiefling Doomguard pyromaniac Kamal. The son of an Alufiend, Kamal and his twin sister Molly were abandoned in Sigil as infants to protect them from the fiends who would destroy them. Both siblings learnt some rougish skills to help them survive and as Kamal hit puberty his inate magic became apparent as he unwittingly set things alight when stressed. Followed around by a Mephit who calls himself Ariston Hypatos Archamedes Pyrrhus, not so much a familiar as a constant pain in the neck. Kamal has little command over the creature who seems to take delight in making the poor man's life needlessly difficult. As if being a tiefling sorcerer wasn't hard enough aye? Kamal spends a lot of his spare time planting razorvine, a plant that noone in their right mind would ever want in their garden. Obsessed by entropy and decay, Kamal is a little well.. odd. Twitchy, distant and at times rather blunt, he really only has his sister for company... and that damned mephit... gah. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and the Planescape Campaign setting is © TSR Dungeons and Dragons and the Tiefling race is © Wizards of the Coast

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