Tiina Laakso

Welcome to my gallery! I'm getting my inspiration back, finally. I had a long pause, but now I'm learning how to draw again..Me: A 22-year old, wierd and silly girl.My girlfriend, my lovely dog, music and drawing.. That's about everything I need in my life. Sometimes I laugh a lot, and then I cry. I eat icecream in the middle of the winter, and sing alone in the middle of the night. I'm not ashamed of using a tiara if I feel like it's a good idea, and I love to dance, even nobody else does. Yup, sounds like me. Most of the pictures in here are really old, but I try to update. I really do! I just have this scanner problem.. *cough* :) Some great galleries I like to visit : Jasaroo Check his Niarthin of the gloom pic!Tihvotti My friend. I love the colours!Maja Andersson A really talented girl! I'm really sorry about the bad quality at some of the pictures.