Stephanie Lacovitch

I am a 18 year old student. Most of my time is spent listening to the radio and drawing. I am a perfectionest (people tell me) and I guess they are right. I am my own worst critic and you may soon realize this also. Most of my art doesn't make it onto here because I dont like it enough to put it up (though others disagree). My family call me a drama queen (thus I am taking drama) and you may soon realize this also. I hope you like my art. I also hope no one like... gets sick or dies from it either. Hey, with art this bad it could happen. You may ask... then why post it? Well I have friends who say I should so what the heck, you only live once. 12/24/02- Yup, I'm so dedicated I even work on Christmas Eve. Okay okay you caught me, I haven't worked since September. Well I'm on the move now, drawing pictures like crazy. Some are good... and some aren't so good... But I assure you this, you will see at least one new picture by next year. Litteraly. Well, happy holidays. I hope yours is going to be more relaxing than mine. Hehe. :) Oh and I almost forgot. Check out my FanQuarter Gallery. I'll have new pictures up for that sooner than next year. Acutally, as soon as they go through (if they do). Well, yet again, happy holidays. *~*~*Stephanie*~*~* Well... I didn't lie, in a sense. I uploaded a ton of pics at about 11:55pm. Before the new year... but they probably won't go through for a while. No offense but it's not the modifiers faults. They do great I think. So much without complaint. I'd help if I was allowed. Not like I have a lot to do. Anyways. Happy New Year. *~*~*Stephanie*~*~* May 25, 2004Oh my gosh has it been a long time!!! I'm sooooo sorry. A ton has happened and I really didn't have much time to draw. I have like 5 pictures started and half way done. None hardly done though... I hope to get into high gear during summer break. Which isn't until June 7th, stupid snow days! Well enjoy what I have thus far. Or don't, that's your choice. And just for your information, that homepage link isn't really my home page. It's the RPG that I'm in. My friend's site. It's seriously lacking good RPers so if your bored with your current RPG join! November 9, 2005I didn't die, I swear! Just... went on a lonnnnng break. I got discouraged after Elfwood crashed and lost a good bit of my pictures. I have too much time on my hands... and an art portfolio due soon so you may just see more of me. Isn't that lovely? ^_^