Emma-Jane Smith

As you may have guessed from the title of this page... my name is Emma.. what you don't know is that I am the Queen of Cumquats. Don't you just love small, orange, squishy fruit? No? Well you better start now! *pulls out her gnome whacking mallet and raises and eyebrow* Yes? Okay then, we can move on. My stories below are all wonderful... despite being created out of the chaos of my mind. But that's life (or death if you're a zombie, vampire or other undead creature... I'm not a lifeist, I like all creatures equally, decomposing or not) Oh and if you're wondering about why my links are shorter... blame my magpies Urchie, Sunstripe and their horde of babies. They got a little hungry.... Well I really should go... stories to write and all... (more like uni stuff to do *grumble*) Here, have a basket of mutant cumquats and come back to my insanity soon! ^_^ Aimee L. Smith ~ Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith ~ Angela 'Who Resists All Nicknames' Perry ~ Andrea 'Andi' Swarner ~ Andrew R. Wynn-Williams ~ Anne M. Leath ~ A. Artemis Heart Ben Cameron ~ Beth O'Leary ~ Brendon Adam Shapiro ~ Brie 'Sassy Pants' O'Reilly Cecily 'SWLS' Webster ~ Charlene 'The Lady of Randomness' M. Mattson ~ Chelsea Castonguay ~ Chris A. Jackson ~ Christopher Heisserer ~ Christabel Nolan ~ Christi-Anna Castonguay David M. Baker ~ Debra Lynn Turpin ~ Deborah J. Smith ~ Divina Mia Fuentes Erin M. Beanland Gabs 'Gabsy' Béland ~ Gerrit 'leatherarmy' Verbeek ~ Greg Boyer Hanna 'Solo' James Inger Marie Hognestad James Andrew Bowers ~ James 'Jimbo Fett ' Inwood ~ James K. Bowers ~ Jamie A. Hughes ~ Jeppe M. Valeur ~ John E. Kelley ~ John Ryan ~ J. 'Pedestal Guy' Swanson Kathleen D. Jennings ~ Keith D. Brooks Jr. ~ Kim Schoonover ~ K. Anne Snell ~ K. Fretwell Larry N. Morris ~ Lee-Ann 'The Magical Butt' Tee ~ Louise Hughes Naomi E. Thrower ~ Nari 'Jester' Ramzan Marie 'Jadeanite' Westbrook ~ Marijke Mahieu ~ Marlena Andrea Cannon ~ Matthew S. Williams ~ Matthew T. Summers ~ Max Hebditch ~ Megan 'Darth Angler' Proverbs ~ M. Mockeridge Patricia 'Bunny' Saw ~ Patricia M. D'Angelo ~ Paul S. Valley Rachel 'Arrowfire' Morgan ~ Rane A. Henry ~ Ray 'Phoenix Rising' Krisman ~ Rebecca A. Morgan ~ Ronnie E. Walton Samuel V. R. Joseph ~ Sarah Michelle Traser ~ Sharon 'Blackstaff' Black ~ Sophie I. Starr ~ Stephanie Boothby ~ Stephanie 'Squiggles' Rennolds ~ Stephen G. Doyle ~ Suzannah Rowntree Tim Schien Vic 'Disco' Alfieri ~ Vida 'Obi Wan Cookie' Starcevic The Herscher Project (old) ~ The Herscher Project (new) ~ Wyvernsmiths ~ Young Artisans And welcome to the world my daughter Hannah Jane born on the 25/11/08. She'll be the next cumquat writing here in Elfwood I guarentee!        

The Widowmaker

 She is the dread of all Pirates... 


An odd... and slightly sad story. Have no idea where this one came from. But it's good to get back into writing!!! Enjoy.

Thirteen Cookies (poem)

This is a funny little poem about cookies and some monsters who come to visit! Enjoy!

The War to be Won

Future war against an alien race... but war is never clear cut, atrocities are made by both sides. Meet Alexi. She's a soldier in a future war.

The One Beloved: Ch01 Blue Moon Changes

The edited version of Dalon and Ameile's saga... also known as Blue Moon Changes.

The One Beloved: Ch02 What is Revealed

The next installment about Dalon and Ameile after Blue Moon Changes. Hope you enjoy!

Foreign Devils

Short story about a very different land. There is something special about the young girl Arabu...


A trapped spirit..

Diary of an Evil Child: Ch01

This is my inner child.. be afraid, be very afraid! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ^_^

Lottie's Rose

Another short story from me, one that will transport you to different worlds... Meet Lottie and her devoted brother Gregory.

Fate's Choice

Sci-fi assassin story... but not the ususal tale... MUWHAHAHAHA!!! Enjoy!

The Eight O'clock Horses

A short story done as a request. Hope it is scary enough!!! :) MUWHAHAHA!! Dedicated to Bobby, Kenny’s work mate.


This story was written as a submission for The Herscher Project Edition 14, 'Dark Futures'. The focus of which is based on Chris A. Jackson's speculations in his short piece titled 'A Flash in the Pan', which details twelve scenarios for the fate of mankind. I have used six of these in this story (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8). Used with his permission. So enjoy reading!!! ^_^

The Last One

It's a little weird this story and it seems i'm always writing about the possible ends to different worlds... *sigh* but what can you do? Enjoy but it's not my best work.

Huddle Close

A very mysterious and odd piece. Anyway I hope you enjoy it! ^_^ Edits most welcome!

The Saktish

If someone owned you soul...

The Shatters of Time Ch01 and 02

A tormented priest is the key, but not even he knows it. He alone must bring people back from the clutches of The Evil One. But the great evil is not to be underestimated, for it will stop at nothing to thwart him. Will Dameon succeed when even he does not know how to complete his task?

Where Demons Abound

My submission for Project #19 of the Herscher Project. Enjoy!

Boredom Kills

Short, short, short story! It was originally in a reply to a comment I wrote to someone on elfwood and I thought it too good not to upload!

The Rat

Set in the future where the world has only just survived The Waste... a catastrophy man made. Meet the decendants of the ones who have survived.

The Alleyway

Why you should never walk into a dark alleyway... for you may not like what you find... *lightening flashes and scary music blares* MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ^_^

The Giant Cumquat

Another cumquat story!! Not only beware the cumquat but beware the unrully thesaurus!! Muwhahahaha! ^_^ Enjoy and have a laugh!

The Vampire and the Cumquat

Funny little tale of a dark wintry night, a vampire and a cumquat... all the ingredience for a wonderfully ridiculous story! ^_^

Awaiting Freedom (poem)

This was my submission for the Herscher Project number 24. Enjoy!

The Lights of Nature

A little girl isn't what she appears to be. And she must save all the peoples of the land from a new enemy. Enjoy!

Dragon's Tooth and Dragon's Bone (poem)

Poem I wrote for the Herscher Project. The main theme was dragons. YAY!! ^_^

Diary of an Evil Child: Ch02

The second installment! More from my inner child!!MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ^_^

Rampage of the Monster Cumquat

And other eagerly awaited cumquat story with a guest appearance from Igor, our disfigured friend.


Where is my regular muse? ^_^

The Last Sunset

What would it be like to see the last sunset

Thirteenth Hour

This is an edited version of the story I did for one of the Herscher Project themes (the theme being 'fear of the number thirteen'). This version has the violence toned down so it is elfwood friendly. Hope you enjoy this little bit of sci-fi horror!! ^_^

Attack of the Killer Cumquats

Okay, this is a quickly written story about my favourite fruit... cumquats. I think they are my favourite because I am one. I am their Queen! But anyway... enjoy this rather weird little tale.

Goblins in the Garden

Are you afraid to go out into the garden at night? Well you should be! This is not as descriptive as I might have wanted but it's only a condensed story. Hope you like it!!

I Live for Death (poem)

A poem I wrote ages ago about Death, more as a person rather than being something that happens. I think I may have been a little... weird at the time. Enjoy!

The Shadow Within Us All

There is evil within us all, and only one way to battle it.

The Beyond

It is a little abstract but the ideas and imaginings are quite vivid... and anyone who hates maths will be able to completely connect. Oh and it was written during my maths class a few years ago! Scary....

The When that Wasn't (poem)

A poem I wrote as part of a project about a 'what if' scenario. I hope the poem is not so abstract that you can't figure out what happend to change that paticular world's history. Sort of like the posibilities involved in alternate universes. Hope you enjoy!

Shenanigans in the Kitchen

A very short story for Herscher Project number 35. Hope you can get a giggle or two out of it!