LaDonna (Lacy) Lawton

Ok, well got rid of everything here, mostly because if you want to find me and likely everyone I had listed and get actual real updates on art regularly. Go HERE! I did do a couple minor updates, but so little art is allowed up here.. it's rather hard to take things down when people are still enjoying viewing them. So you want loads of new stuff, check out my Deviant Account. Thanks people! ANd enjoy the update here whenever it gets put up. As I said, I don't update here much and there is alot of great art over at my Deviant account. Please come see ^_^ As another note, Wow, Skullkid is so popular! It has more comments both here and over at my Deviantart account than any other drawings I've done! Either people really like Ledgen of Zelda, or they just like that drawing. It was sold at a Anime Convention Auction for 215 dollars. Majority of the money went to donations. ~2003