Hello everyone who lives in these deep woods.Every elf, troll, giant...well, every living creature here. I bid you welcome to my corner of the woods. If you like, I can make a cup of tea. If not, than maybe some blood?Everything you want, my friends.Be welcome. I'll try to reply on all the comments i get, you all deserve it. :)And I'll also take a peak in your galleries. ;) I like I draw a lot and read books. I also larping. And i write stories, but they are almoste always one swedish. Favourite movies Eragon, stardust, Miyasaki movies and a few more Avatar, wonderful movie Favourite books I can't say books but writhers. Like Elizabeth Moon, Robert Jordan, Eddings, Stephen King... i think it can take a week to say them all Favourite music almoste everything... Globus, Korn, The rasmus, infected mushroom, anime-music (japanese music)