Natashja Dahmer' Blomberg

WELCOME TO MY WOODS...My name is Natashja. So who am I? What is there to say? Half the time, even I dont know. I am a woman of many faces and many personalities. Dont think for one second you've got me figured out. The info I give out on myself? ...just a fragment of who I really am. "Im a little bit of everything, all rolled into one..." WITCH! Wands, fullmoon, herbs and crystal balls makes me shiver pleasantly. I'm an artist *of course* a recluse who have a dislike for humans. I'm dreaming, arrogant, controversial, spiritual, FEMINIST! Wise, solitary, antisocial, political vegetarian.  I'm a 30 year old narcissistic earthgoddess with illusions of grandure, a burning passion for genus/genderroles and a wicked attraction towards the macarbre.------- I mostly use acrylics on canvas-- a bit less messy than oil. i also use my wacom tablet together with photoshop. great fun -- but i still prefer the old fashioned way. Bout my art? I think every artist or shall I say; every person, have their own mental landscape inside their head. My own world, my reality. My landscape may not look like yours, it might look ugly to you or it might even not be something that you would understand... I don't care. I don't care about anyone when I'm painting. I do this for me. Noone else. I paint the world as I see it, it's an instrument to release my inner turmoil, nothing more. I don't paint to please others even though Im always open for constructive critisism (and of course I LOVE being praised. ;) ). This is who I am. To those of you who share and understand my world- E N J O Y !