Danielle Scott

Hi welcome to my little corner of the woods. During the week I work for a toy company as a product coordinator and graphic layout artist in marketing. When I’m not at work, I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I make garb “costumes” & re-create period scrolls for awards and am currently working with a publisher writing a book on medieval border work throughout Europe. I draw what I see and sometimes what's in my mind (scary place you don't mind visiting but don't wanna live there!) as well as sculpt figurines, pens, hairsticks and puppets. I do a great deal of fantasy portraits for people from their photos & really wish I had my scanner up & running when I started do this. Most of the portraits you see here are from real life photos of people. YES I DO TAKE COMMISSIONS. I love to see the fantasy world come alive in my drawings and costumes. At this time I've won 4 costuming competitions and sell my work at a variety of Sci-Fi conventions. When I'm not in the studio drawing, sculpting or sewing with my cat at my feet,or in my lap I'm brewing cordials, baking, beading, or camping. You can usually find me at a local Renn. Fest or SCA event. I hope to one day create children’s books about some of the 'innocent' characters in my drawings. At this time I'll settle with creating images for rpg characters for friends and doing fantasy portraits. I've created several greeting cards out of my designs and some character cards. My favorite phrase is, “We are all the background of each others dreams, so lets not make them nightmares.” I have had to put copywrite banners across many of my pieces due to too many people pirating my work. I will be selling prints of my art at various times and Cons. If there is something your interested in please contact me. I usually only do 100 ltd ed. prints of each piece and they are numbered and signed. You can also get greeting cards of the designs in package sets.