Violet Maaka

Hi my name is Violet Maaka and I'm from New Zealand. I have got another account here on elfwood. I dont use it though and I dont belive that there is anything on it. I first found this site I think back when I first started high school. I remember searching random stuff on the internet like blood and battle field. One thing lead me to another then I found my first ever insration From there and till this year was a blur... About 2 years ago I found out about deviantart. I did my own thing uploading and browsing around the site untill I got anoyed with the emount of... ArT?1? Then I found William Eterna2 Teo again on deviantart which lead me back into this awesome world :3 I like Definitly drawing... drawing fantasy and sometimes SciFi. another intrest is the sport Squash. Favourite movies N/A Favourite books Keys To The Kingdom. Favourite music All kindas