Otilia Tena

I write short stories and fairy tales. I'm a big fan of Icelandic and Irish folklore. I like literature, dance Favourite movies Neverending story Favourite music Different kinds, also rock.

Hulda and the Elf-Knight

 A lady falls in love with a married knight in her service.

Erlkonig or Turbid Isidor

A fantasy poem.

Far off Land and Unna

Love affair between a lady and a knight woman.

One of the Huldu

The story of a mysterious village owner, unseen and unheard, called "the hidden one".

The Faeryman

A married woman who falls in love with a beautiful sidhe.

The Lady Teacher without a Name

A little girl and a mysterious lady teacher.

Ilana in between

A woman who turns into a spirit.

Ilana and the Sidhe Folk

About the torturing relationship between a woman and a faeryman.