I'm from the middle of nowhere in the Texas panhandle and have been homeschooled since 2001... meaning that I have a lot of time on my hands that most girls would fill with shopping and "male companionship". I fill it with my writing and artwork, the latter of which is nowhere near the quality of the former.I do, in fact, play the celtic harp---which gives me something to do when I need to let my characters take a break from all I put them through.I also run three (at last count) websites for my mom. I have a blog that I haven't found a purpose for and therefore neglect, and as yet I don't have my own site. (Although I will eventually... maybe after I publish my first book)And... I can't think of anything else to say about myself. Oh well. Ask and I'll find you an answer. I like other than writing and art? Travel, cooking, music, archaeology, reading... Favourite movies Stargate (both series, although I'm not too fond of SG1 past season 8), Lord of the Rings, Willow, Buck Rogers (first season is best), the original Battlestar Galactica, Dinotopia (Great movie that came out when I was in gradeschool... the series ehh, not so much), Star Trek (anything but Enterprise, the original series will always be my favorite----and I don't like the movies at all), Star Wars (I watch it for Obi-Wan and the ewoks, mostly) Favourite books Tailchaser's Song (amazing book, absolutely amazing! ) The Hobbit The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Which is even better than the movie) Eragon and Eldest (First book is better, haven't read the third) Dracula (classic!) The entire Redwall series Favourite music Just about anything classical or folk-style. I love celtic music especially... Soundtracks from good movies Sometimes "oldies" and big band. And then there are those relaxing-mood-music-nature cds one finds here and there... I have a great collection of those.

Under the Rose---Under the Stars

This is a story-poem brought on from my having spent too much time exploring the fantasy art in the elfwood galleries... the first thing I've actually finished in months. Amazing what a foggy day and too much inspiration can do...

Sombra leaves the Farm Country

This is a short story that goes along with the novel I'm writing (Which my mother, in all her wisdom, will not let me put on the internet at this time). Sombra is the younger half-sister of a main character in that novel, and one of my favorite minor characters to put into her own short stories. In this one, she leaves her mother and everything she knows. Why? You'll see. I know this is still a rough draft, so comments and suggestions for improvement are welcomed!

Lunch at the Billabong

This is what happens when you put a writer (namely me) in a group of 'normal' American high-schoolers as they tour Australia. The others were feeding turtles, and I saw a story. This didn't actually happen... but it probably should have. For those of you who aren't aquainted with Australian aboriginal mythology, a 'Bunyip' is a monster beyond description. Also, the bit at the end with the count-off and description of lanyards is a detail from the trip I took... they give us numbers to keep track of who's there, and make us wear our names around our necks. And thus I leave you to wonder how that matters... (Forgive me, Haley, if you ever read this. I didn't realize I was killing you when I picked your number.)

Letter to the Editor

I'll admit that this was an assignment for my English class... I couldn't find anything real to write about, so I decided to do what I do best and turn it into a fantasy. Comments welcome, since this is rougher than my usual stuff...