: L U K E A L ' I I :

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Heather Chenery

'He stands before us, upper lip curling slightly in a snarl and sparing us a glimpse of a sharp canine, or perhaps incisor because it would be in the right place for the front teeth and just by looking at him I wouldn’t be that surprised if he kept shark teeth in that mouth. It would round off the whole ‘Horns, claws and maw’ image quite nicely... Not to mention the eyes, which I swear are looking at me. He could be looking anywhere, if he can even see at all... but something about him tells me that he is currently inclining my way. Pearl-white hair is startling no matter where you see it, and if it wasn’t for the brow, arm hair and stubble being the same colour then I would have sworn it was fake, because not even the elderly can have hair that luxurious... like silvery flames, silky in the light. Awesome.“What is his name...?” You’re eyes are amazing, I must say… It’s as if he stares into me… my mind and soul. Creepy. Perhaps he is one of these weird fantasy beings that can look into your past and future and know all you were and will be? Well, he can’t be fantasy because he is standing right before us, looking as if he would much rather he wasn’t. The expression on his face would definitely aid an eye-roll. “Who is he…?” He’s got to be at least a clear foot taller than me.“It has no gender, Eron.” Hmm? I turn to the familiar voice behind me. “It should not be mistaken for anything Human or the like. It is a construct, and its purpose is to protect this place.”“If… if It… You’re going to have to explain this to me- If It protects this place… How? It’s huge.”“It is a One-Man Army type of being. Just imagine that this place is one massive super computer- This being would be the Firewall." - Acheron, excerpt from a draft of my story. First draft.OKAY THEN! This is one of my oldest created characters. Relative of http://fav.me/d4sim6k .This is Lukea, or Lukeal'ii, and this is a drawing that I have been drawing for a long time, and I am sick of it now so here we are.

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