Contest pic- Mother nature and Earth's bounty

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Heather Chenery

Ok then, this is my entry for the Elfwood contest, :DThere is a reason for all the diferent things within this picture, and here they are:The four faces: The four faces are representing the 4 seasons, however in this particular pic u can only see 2 and a tiny bit of a third but there u go as I can't fit them all in in this perspective. The four faces of Mother nature. :)The woman: Acting as the general representation of mother nature, she is also representing in this picture as the mother of all things to do with Nature: Flora, fauna, elements and so on. She is drawn as a woman to represent a womanly aspect of the birth and the life cycle and etc. So on and so forth.The grass being held: Posing as Flora and all things to do with plants and greenery, all that.The horse: Fauna. Lolz. :D The 'life and living' aspect, for better words.The storm clouds and lightning: Representing the elements.The Midgard Tree- Representing the Mythological side to the world and the Human imagination as well as other creatures. The tree also stands for other beleif as to how the Earth, Heavens and Hell are structured, ergo the human imagination and reference to the belief in Gods.The Steampunk style of clothing: Represents time/ history and science.The Space and galaxies: Not nessecarily associated with Mother nature and a bit out of her field but more to do with God and aliens, I decided to throw it in there anyway. What the hell, I say :DAnd finally! The Earth/ orange: Ok then, I have drawn the Earth repesented as a Orange to signify the fruit and fragility of it- Say, if u drop an orange it will bruise, as is the Earth now as it is being damaged and 'hurt' by all the pollution and Smog, etc. I have also drawn it as a orange to signify Earth's Bounty.Rightyho then. :D Incase anyone hadn't noticed, I have drawn her so she kind of looks like she is offering all of these aspects of the planet to you, indicating that u should take care of them and make sure they do not wither and die or something like that. Anyway; she is, in particular, holding out the planet/ orange closer to u (or she is mean to be). I did this to show that each orange, plum or apple, etc can be a little planet of it's own- helping you to stay alive once u've eaten it and consumed the best parts from the tree itself, but if u take too much then it shall slowely die and will be unable to produce all the goodness that it does that helps maintain life. - Oh dear, lol. I hope I ain't made that sound too corny, lol.Basically; give thanks to wot we have on the Earth. Be grateful to it's Bounty that is provided for us.Woot! Hope u had fun reading all of that and I hope u like it 'cause I worked really quite a long time on this one.

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