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I would like to mention to any traveler visiting Hykor who hails from the northern climates that summer is a time to avoid at all costs. The heat, combined with the sea air amounts to the feeling of living in a hot wet mop. I have been effectively trapped in the furnace of a city for a fortnight. I haven't received any communications with my mentor or the council as to how to proceed with my assignment with attempting to gain passage to dragon keep. I have petitioned the pro consul of Hykor for an audience for the purpose of gaining hykorian assistance. To date, the pro consul has yet to reply to my petition so I must continue to wait. Obviously, he is unaware of my stature within the Glantri council. I am using my time waiting to best use by continuing my studies. I believe I have noted a slight defect in the way a teleport spell functions. If I am correct I may be able to fix this problem and gain a better control over target locations, and perhaps to alvieate the need to materialize slightly above the ground to avoid merging with the local terrain. The only real respite from the horrid heat and humidity is the night. Mind you, this drop in temperature is not a large one but any ease is greatly taken. Inwe, (yes I did finally ask her name.) suggested that during the nighttime clothing should be disgarded for comfort. Now initially I thought her idea was very silly, however, I found that nude was rather invigorating, and indeed does seem to make the little drop in temperature seem greater. Now being a mage I have disciplined myself to its study and use. So I was concerned that the distractions of a tall nude elf wandering about would disrupt my studies. I quickly found that my concerns were well founded. At first I merely notes she was standing behind me. I had just a slight revelation with my study but I needed a sheet of parchment to make a few critical notes. I asked Inwe to retrieve a sheet, I do recall even saying please. Her reply was to slide her arm around my neck and draw close to me. I restated my request, however I noted that it wasn't as forceful as I had liked, or was being heeded at all. In her remarkably thick accent she asked me what I wanted parchment for as she placed her hand on mine. Now as I stated a time before in this journal that I believed that she had some strange magic that she might use on me. She was using it again, but this time in a completely different way. I found that I could not recall what I did want the parchment for. I was more interested in the soft and sweet smell this Elvin woman had and the feeling of her soft skin. She asked if there were something else I would rather study. I wasn't entirely sure what she meant by that since as long as I can remember; the study of magic was the only subject I have been interested in. I'm assuming she took my puzzled look as a yes, for she said that the first thing to know was a book would not be needed. She said this as she used my hand cupped in hers to close my spell book. I think I'm going to have to revise my idea that I know everything about the universe... -Michael of Hoth, 1050 h.c.c

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