S. Aitakangas

I mainly write poetry and short stories / vignettes, the majority of which are too vague to be called either fantasy or sci-fi, or even horror. I hope to write novels one day, should I manage to hold a decent plot together for the duration of 50,000 words or more. Yes, I participate in Nanowrimo. If you don't know what that is, ask Google. Do that now. Everyone should know about Nanowrimo. Melancholy is my forte. I am capable of cheerful and funny, even cute, but more often than not, it just so happens that my pieces turn out depressive. Quoteth my very own geeky ex-lover: 'Yeah... soul-crushing bleakness of Dickensian proportions. How on earth do you get any sleep at night?' I write grim, and I do it well - if some people are to be believed. In any case, as all arts, writing, too, is a very subjective thing. I won't hate you if you don't like what I have here, but I'd appreciate constructive criticism should you have any complaints. Flames are often not fun, you see.Go read my pieces, if you will, and should you leave a comment, I'll try and return the favour eventually. I think it will be worth your while. I like everything, in alphabetical order Favourite music heavy metal, japanese pop & rock, new age, rock

Fairy Crossing

I wanted to write something about fairies. I didn't quite know where I was going, but this is what eventually came out. The banner/illustration was created by myself from one of my own photographs.

Food trouble

Weird as hell, this little gem was sparked into life by one of the crazy conversations I engage in on IRC. Whoever catches the tribute I implanted in the story gets a brownie.


Slightly experimentative, dabbling with repetition and present tense. Inspired by a drawing of Zabina Nilsson's.

Dance of Innocence

Just a little something inspired by a drawing by Keyshika.


Originally written for the wiki Centaur Lair over at Elftown, inspired by an image found by way of a Google search. I'm not sure I like this very much, but I figure it's good enough to be shown. Dully titled with the name of the central character.

Of Myth

Poem written for Elftown Creature Marathon's phoenix session.


Idea came out of nowhere. But I liked it, so here it is. What happens when you can't protect your people.

Bound maiden

Trying my hand at a villanelle. This is the second one I've written. What happened? That is up to your imagination.

Dawn at the Fae Court

Written for Elftown Creature Marathon's fairy/fae session, this is my third ever sonnet. It is slowly getting easier...


My muse ran rampant at a certain comment about the explanation of missing socks, presented by a certain person who is completely off his tree, makes me laugh and is all too cute for his own good... *ahem* Anyway, here is the result in all its odd glory.

The Hunt

Something that came to me in a state of half-consciousness and was very insistent that it be written.


This was inspired by the Grass picture by Kaimee. After you read this, you must all go and worship her.