Lanine May

11/27/01: Greetings! As you can see above, my name is Lanine... and for those of you who can't tell, I AM female. (I've had a couple people write that I was a pansy guy.. and that I shouldn't color in so many rainbow colors if I wanted to display my masculinity. *snicker*) I enjoy many things, including (but not limited to): Art, Reading, Learning, Cats, Fish, Horses, Stuffed Animals, Glow in the Dark things (doesn't matter, so long as it glows!!!), Music, Gel Pens (These things are my heros! :)), Decorating my new House, Going to the local Goth Club, Dressing up in odd pieces of clothing, Going to coffee with all of my long lost friends, working on my webpage(s), socializing with the people I know, being mean to the people I don't, etc etc etc! I can't think of anything else at the moment.. so maybe I'll add to this later. OR... you can go to my webpage and get a LOT more than this page will ever have! :) I appologize right now to anyone who doesn't like color, rainbows, or gel pens. These are the three things I enjoy coloring with, and if you find anything in this gallery that doesn't include on of those, it's because it's only drawn in pencil, it's a tattoo, or it's CG. Well.. that's good for now. LEAVE LOTS OF COMMENTS!! PLEASE!! :) If you want to find out anything else about me.. my Personal Page is quite extensive (though I'm in the process of rebuilding it).. and will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about me. :) CYA!