Anne Stone

I currently do illustration and cartography for small press.  I also have my own work, both fantasy and SF.  I love pen and ink and watercolor and am classically trained.  I admire all artists who are trying to be creative in a world of bad photography.  I like Ancient Celts, Vikings and other confederations, History, Linguistics, Art (of course) Writing, Books, Music (I play the bass), Archeoastronomy, Mythology and Folklore of NW Europe, Gardening (I'm a herbalist), alternate communities. Favourite movies Star Trek, Babylon 7, Wings of Desire, Into the West, anything with scenery, (Harry Potter) or pictures of space (2001, Fifth Element) or is very foreign, enough to be fantastic (Ran) Favourite books Tolkien's work, anything by Patricia McKillip, Sarah Ash, Robert Holdstock, Ursula LeGuin, Asimov and Clarke. Favourite music Clannad (almost anything in Gaelic or Welsh), Noirín Ní Riain, Dead Can Dance, Debussy, old U2, Depeche Mode, Carl Orff