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 Three scenes from my Bronze Age fantasy world of Dragonía. Þrihaks (Icelandic singular: þrihaki, plural: þrihakar) are related to Mörkels and live in the dryer southern part of the Plain of Kings (Konungaslétta), in the northeastern part of Dragonía. Þrihaks live in nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes, hunting, raising rekan birds (rekanfuglar) for eggs, meat and feathers and fighting for territory.Their history with the Mörkels has been complicated through the centuries; in the early days they often raided isolated villages and farms for food and resources, but as the kingdoms in the north grew more powerful they were able to fend them off most of the time. Sometimes a warlord would be able to band together a few tribes and invade these kingdoms, only for the to scatter once more when they fell. This changed when the Þrihaks came into contact with the Minotaurs, they began trading with them and eventually some of the tribes became wealthy by trading goods back and forth between the Minotaurs and Mörkels. These tribes, especially the northern ones, gradually adopted more settled lifestyle, becoming allies with the nearby Mörkel kingdoms and even started to fend off the more unruly southern tribes. In general, while the Þrihaks are still seen as barbarians among the Mörkels, they are not the savage raiders they used to be, although they still smell like eggs. The Þrihaks are partly based on Thracians and the cultures of Central Asia. The first scene shows a tribe exchanging goods with a travelling Minotaur merchant, selling him eggs, fabrics and fermented milk for jewelry, colourful chitin and fine cloth. The middle scene shows a tribal chief in his tent. The bottom scene shows what happens when the Mörkel and Þrihak cultures clash. Made with normal and coloured pencils. 

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