Mörkel Gods II

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Dagur Magnússon

 Three of the eight major gods in Mörkel mythology from my Bronze age fantasy world of Dragonía. Check the first one to learn more about Mörkel religion in general. Ahes is the god of magic, inventor of writing, bringer of civilization and protector of scribes and mages (Icelandic singular: núrfur, plural núrfar). He is generally among the most peaceful of gods, discourages warfare and thus is seen as the opponent of Datena. Ahes is popular among mages and is said to have taught them the art and among those who seek to 'civilize' the nomadic Þrihaks in the south. Datena is the goddess of warfare, love and revelry, who rose from a lake of blood that formed after the gods fought the Silver Giants, a failed attempt to create mortals. She is a chaotic goddess who symbolizes passion and its consequences, good or ill, and cares little of the fates of mortals. Her priestesses dress like warriors, practice mock battles, war chants- and dances in hopes of keeping the goddess too distracted to inspire strife. Erkar is a sea god, symbolizing strength and the chaotic forces of nature and, according to Mörkel mythology, was the king of the gods until Aþar took that role. This reflects his role among early Mörkels, where he was the father of kings and the strongest of the gods, but as Aþar became more popular as the embodiment of the wise and peaceful ruler, Erkar lost this role. Whereas Datena symbolizes the darker aspects of human nature, Erkar represents those aspects of the natural world. 

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