Wusofin (Nightfall Glider)

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Jennifer Guiles

Creature Description: The Wulsofin is one of the creatures I created that resides on a planet that orbits the double star Altair. These creatures usually inhabit the obsidian glass caves at the poles of the planet. They are nocturnal and usually hunt in swarms like bats. They are also capable of sight, though their eyes do not have irises and they are likely to be blinded by even dim light. They can see perfectly in darkness. Along with this, they also use echolocation. Their spike like whiskers are hollow and vibrate when in the presence of sound. As for their flight, their wings are similar to those of the draco lizard. They are formed by extensions of their ribcage, which can be splayed out stretching their skin to form wings. They spend most of their time either hanging off of cave walls or gliding and are completely incapable of walking on the ground. This is mainly because their arms and legs have only one digit each. This digit wields a scythe like claw that is used to catch prey and cling to cave walls. Also the ridges in the creatures skin are actually poison glands. Each gland has one or two hollow spikes designed to inject venom into anything that would prey on them. They grow new ridges each year, (those are the rings you see all over him). During a hunt they generally prefer smaller flying creatures because their necks are too weak to handle larger creatures. Despite this, when in desperate straits, they might capture larger, land bound creatures with their scythes, and deliver a kill bite with their jaws. From head to tail they are about seven feet long. Wingspan is about ten feet. A swarm usually does not have more then ten creatures. Art Details: O.K. back to reality. I am extremely happy with this picture. For a while I have been trying to make something look truly evil. I knew I reached my goal when my history teacher looked at the drawing and asked me if I was satanic XD. The shading and details were mind numbing to do, but it was worth it. I actually like the shading for once, though I wish I could figure out how to put in a background. I am trying to find a way to draw the whole creature, but it's a pain. With all the brainstorming about how a creature can have wings along with arms and legs. I'm happy that I came up with a creature that could solve this problem, even if it could only glide. Medium used: mechanical pencils, permanent markers (fine) and liquid ink pens.

Published More than a year ago

Category Science fiction

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